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Call for Contributions: ESSE

desidero segnalarVi un'iniziativa interessante per tutti coloro che vogliono contribuire attivamente alla costruzione di un'enciclopedia del sapere "sistemico". Si tratta una Call for Contributions con deadline 30/06. La proposta è in inglese in quanto l'enciclopedia sarà redatta in lingua. Dettagli a seguire. Grazie per la diffusione.

ALBERTO FEBBRAJO , Universit of Macerata,Italy
ANDREA PITASI , d'Annunzio University Chieti-Pescara,Italy
DARIO RODRIGUEZ MANSILLA,Universidad Catolica de Santiago , Chile

ESSE is under construction and will be structured in about 200 items/entries . Among the key items: system complexity, differentiation, environment, communication, self organization, self reference, structural coupling,constructivism and items referred to key scholars such as Luhmann, von Foerster,von Glasersfeld etc. Contributors are fee to submit items they consider pivotal to understand System Sciences.
Each entry/item would be of about 2500 words, exceptional 5000 word items will be accepted for very key concepts ( "system" ,for example). You can choose one or more entries (up to 5 per author) among those listed below and /or choose some from the list and propose other ( total 5 entries,anyway).

Action, communicative Action, social Action, system Action, theory Algorythm (evolutionary), Alter/ego, Alternative, Asymmetry, Attribution (Heider), Authority, Autologic, Automation, Automaton, Autonomous (Autonomy), Autopoiesis

Binary code, Black box, Blind spot (Maturana)

Causality, Centrum/periphery, Chaos, Code, Cognition, Communication, Complexity, Complexity gradient, Complexity reduction, Computer, Conflict, Constructivism, Crossing, law of (Spencer Brown), Coupling (loose & tight) (Heider), Coupling, structural Cybernetics,
(Cybernetics, second order), Damage, Danger/risk, Data, Decision, Decision-making, Deconstruction, Deflation, Destructive interaction, (Maturana)

Determinacy structural, Diabolic/symbolic, Difference, Differentiation, Distinction, Double contingency, Double negation, Draw a distinction (Spencer Brown)

Economy, EducationEgo/AlterEigenwert (Hilbert, von Foerster, Luhmann), Element, Emergence level, Enactment (Varela), Enlightment (sociological), Entropy/negentropy, Environment, Epistemology, Event, Evolution, Evolutionary achievement, Exclusion/inclusion, Expectation, Experience/action,

Family Feedback (negative & positive) (Wiener, Maruyama), Heinz von FoersterForm, Laws of (Spencer Brown), Formal/informal, Function, Functional differentiation, Functional equivalent, Functionalism, Functional method, Future, Fuzzy logic

GaiaGame theory, Garbage-can (James March), GeneralizationErnst von Glasesfeld, Globalization

HarmHierarchie/heterarchie, High Speed Riconfigurational System (HSRS, Holistic, Horizon, Humanism, Hypercomplexity

Identity/difference, Improbability (of communication), Inclusion/exclusion, Incompleteness, Indeterminacy, Indication (Spencer Brown), Individual, Inflation/deflation, Information, Input/output, Inside/outside, Integration, Interaction, Interdependence, Interest, Interpenetration, Intersubjective, Irrationality, Irritation


Language, Ervin Laszlo, Latency, Leader, Leadership, Learning, Legal, Legislation, Legitimacy, Legitimate, Limit, Loose coupling, Love, Niklas Luhmann

Map/territory, Marked/unmarked space, Massmedia,Meaning, dimensions ofMechanisms, reflexive Mechanisms, symbiotic Media, symbolic generalized communications, Medical system, Medium/form (Heider), Membership, Memory, Method, Modernity, Money, Moral, Motivation

National society (National state), Negation, Negation double, Negation reflexive, Noise, Norm, Richard Normann, Normative

Object,Objectual dimension of meaning,Observation, Observation second order, Observer, Ontology, Open systems’ theory, Operation, Optimization, Oral communication, Order, socialOrder from noise, Organization, Organization theory, Output/inputOutside/inside

Paradigm,Paradigm change, ParadoxParasite (Serres), Passion (love as), Past, Payment/no payment, Peasant society, Perception, Performance, Periphery, Person, Personality, Perspective, Perturbation,Phenomenon, Phenomenology, Political system, Politics, Possibility, Postmodernism, Power, Predictability, Preference, Premise, Prerequisite, Present, Price, Primacy, Probability, Process/structure, Production, Property, Psychic system


Random, Rational, Rationality, Reality, Recursion, Recursive, Reduction, Redundancy, Re-entry, Reflexion, Refusal, Regional society, Rejection, Relationship, Religion, Research, Resonance, Responsible, Restriction, Risk/danger(SEE ABOVE), Role, Rule

Scarcity,Schema,Science, Scientific system,Selection, Selective, Selectivity, SelfSelf-description, Self-esteem, Self-organization, Self-production, Self-reference/hetero-reference, Self-reflexion, Social dimension of meaning, Social system, Society, Status, Steady state, Strategy, Stratification, Stratified society, Structural coupling, Structural determinism, Structural drift (Maturana), Structure/process, Subsystem, Symbiotic mechanism, SymbolSystem, System/environment

Tautology, Technology, Temporal dimension of meaning, Territory/map, ThankfulnessTheory, Thought, Tight/loose coupling, Time, Trigger, True, Trust

Unbalance, Uncertainty, Underdevelopment, Understanding, Unexpected, Unforeseeable, Unpredictable, UtteranceValue

Variable, Variety, Verbal, Verbalize, Violence, Virtual,

World, World society, Writing

by sending it/them to the ESSE Editor Andrea Pitasi

ESSE will appear for the SYSTEM THERY AND COMPLEXITY BOOK SERIES (Aracne Publishing, Rome) in collaboration with the World Complexity Science Academy (WCSA) a newborn organization already featured by a prestigious, international Honoray Board:
Gabriel Altmann, Universitaet Bochum, Germany- Dario Rodriguez Mansilla Universidad Catolica de Santiago , Chile - Felix Ortega, Universidad de Salamanca , Spain - Loet Leydesdorff, Universitaet van Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Giovanbattista Cavazzuti, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia,Italy - Albert Laszlo Barabasi, Notre Dame University, USA - Lucio d' Alessandro, Suor Orsola Benincasa University, Naples, Italy- Sebastiano Bagnara, Sassari-Alghero University, Italy

Further Info can be required by email to the ESSE EDITORS.

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